What Are Some Energy-Efficient Window Options? Insights from a Replacement Windows Company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

What Are Some Energy-Efficient Window Options? Insights from a Replacement Windows Company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

In the Pewaukee, Wisconsin area, an increasing number of homeowners are looking toward sustainable living. They want their homes to use less energy, which is good for the planet and helps save money on energy bills. One of the smartest steps homeowners can take to achieve this is choosing the right replacement windows. The right windows can lower a home's energy use by keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without relying so much on heating and air conditioning.

As the top-rated replacement windows company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, WASCO offers multiple models of replacement windows — each of which are designed with a modern homeowner's needs and wants in mind. These windows have a stylish design, but they’re also highly energy efficient. We are going to review some of our most popular options below.

#1. GENEO windows

GENEO windows are engineered for the highest standards of energy efficiency. These replacement windows use profiles from REHAU (a German systems and service provider of polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive, and industry) but are built here in Wisconsin using an advanced composite material called RAU-FIPRO. This material has outstanding thermal insulation, with U-frame values like 0.80 W/m²K (0.14 Btu/hr•ft²°F).

GENEO windows are designed for certified passive houses (homes that are built to use very little energy but still be comfortable and affordable). They have triple pane glazing, which can be relatively thick — up to 41mm. This helps improve their insulation, with NFRC U-Factors between 0.14 to 0.16 Btu/hr•ft²°F.

Most replacement window companies in Pewaukee, Wisconsin offer them in several different styles — such as tilt and turn windows that you can open in two ways, hopper windows that open inward from the top, and fixed windows that don't open at all. 

#2. WASCO 1400 line

The WASCO 1400 line is a great option for those who like the traditional window operation, with a handle you turn to crank the window out. But even though they have a traditional North American crank-out operation, their thermal performance is impressive. These replacement windows are made with multi-chambered REHAU RAU-PVC profiles that keep a home's temperature consistent without using much energy. The system also boasts high and low solar heat gain triple pane glass, reaching NFRC U-Factors as low as 0.18 Btu/hr•ft²°F.

Pewaukee homeowners can choose from different styles as well. Replacement window companies in Pewaukee, Wisconsin offer casement windows that swing open like a door, awnings that hinge at the top and open outward, and picture windows that don't open but give a clear view outside. Each option will help keep the home's energy use low, making it an excellent choice for low-energy homes.

#3. 4500 series

The 4500 series by WASCO features European operation — but these windows are available at a lower price, which makes them a budget-friendly option for homeowners in the Pewaukee area. Even though the price is more friendly, these replacement windows have up-to-mark thermal performance. They are built with galvanized steel and 4-chamber 60mm REHAU RAU-PVC profiles for improved insulation. The U-Factor for the 4500 series is also low, at 0.19 Btu/hr•ft²°F, which means you can keep your home comfortable all year round without spending as much on heating or cooling.

Looking for a Replacement Windows Company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin?

Are you ready to invest in new energy efficient windows for your home? Looking for the premier replacement windows company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin? If so, our team at WASCO Windows is here to assist you. We specialize in providing homeowners with windows that exceed the demands of passive or low-energy homes. Our windows offer excellent insulation, versatility, and design, among other features. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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