Bay & Bow Windows

BayInteriorBay windows have three adjacent windows, offer a 180-degree view and make rooms appear larger. Side windows can be hinged to allow them to open and close for increased airflow. Bow windows are similar to bays, but feature four or five panes, which are gently curved rather than angled. Bows also expand rooms and increase viewing, and can be fitted with hinged casements to allow for airflow.

The installation will match the quality of your window. WASCO does not use cheap cabling to support your window. Rather, we use a proper insulated base, and add additional bracing to your wall as necessary.

Choose your style of windows: Bay and bow windows can have premium 700 double hung, world class 1400 casement or even our European Tilt & Turn windows.

Choose from a white or almond exterior. The interior colors of the windows can either match the exterior, or you can choose from medium or natural oak woodgrain interiors.

Glass Packages

WASCO Windows have a variety of options available for glass packages.  For specific information, click the links below: