Passive & Low Energy Homes


WASCO has three models of windows which are available with high performance triple glazing.

As many customers are seeking to use free solar energy to help heat their homes, WASCO offers this glazing with a high solar heat gain coefficient as well as with coatings to block out solar heat.



GENEO windows

The GENEO windows are WASCO’s best performers, with the performance necessary for even a certified passive house. Utilizing REHAU’s GENEO profiles, we build these windows in our Wisconsin factory with German machinery. The 86mm, six-chamber GENEO profiles are made from the high-tech composite RAU-FIPRO.  U-frame is as low as 0.80 W/m2K (0.14 Btu/hr•ft2°F) on an operating unit. WASCO can supply these windows and doors with up to 41mm (1.61”) triple pane glazing. NFRC U-Factors range from 0.14 to 0.16 Btu/hr•ft2°F depending on glazing and insulation modules. GENEO Windows are available in Tilt & Turn, hopper and fixed designs. Doors include entry doors, Tilt & Turn balcony doors and Tilt & Slide patio doors.

WASCO 1400 Line of Windows

The 1400 line of windows is an option for customers building a low-energy home who want high thermal performance but prefer North American crank-out operation. Produced with multi-chambered REHAU RAU-PVC profiles, the frame of this system is remarkably warm without overly large sight-lines. This system is available with high and low solar heat gain 35mm (1.375”) triple pane glass for NFRC U-Factors as low as 0.18 Btu/hr•ft2°F. Window options include casements, awnings and picture windows.

4500 series of windows and doors

The 4500 series of windows and doors offers European operation at a lower price, while still providing excellent performance. Built on galvanized steel, 4-chamber 60mm REHAU RAU-PVC profiles, the 4500 is available with NFRC U-Factors as low as 0.19 Btu/hr•ft2°F.