When to Replace

The most important question before you ever walk through our door is, "Should I replace my windows?"

There are a number of reasons to invest in replacement windows. Perhaps your old windows are too difficult to open and close. Or you're frustrated by the drafts you feel sitting in your living room on a cold winter day. Or you're tired of wrestling with storm windows, or always looking through dirty windows.

New replacement windows can make a striking difference in the look and operation of your home. They look great inside and out, cut down on energy costs, and save you time and frustration. But even in an older home, not all windows need to be replaced at once. This handy worksheet can help you determine which windows should be replaced immediately (for safety reasons), which should be replaced soon (for maximum energy savings, or structural or health reasons) and which can wait if cost is an issue.

We've created a checklist for you to go over to help you determine the best course for your home.


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