European Windows

Euro-PictureEuropean Windows from WASCO’s Milwaukee Fensterwerk

Commonly called “Tilt & Turn windows,” our European windows are made from the best components from Germany, the United States and Canada.  They are available as a single Tilt & Turn Window, a true mullionless French Window (which allows both panes to be opened or a single pane to be tilted) or in a variety of multi-pane designs. WASCO can also build this window as a tilt-only (or hopper) for applications where the window’s width is greater than its height, but a single lite is still desired.

The GENEO series, made from high- tech, six-chamber REHAU RAU-FIPRO profiles, is the right choice for passive or high energy performance homes.

The 4500 Series is a four-chamber REHAU RAU-PVC system. Still a strong performer, this system is a good choice for retrofit or conventional new construction.

WASCO produces European doors in the Fensterwerk in both the Geneo and 4500 series.


  • Normal ventilation is done in the tilt position. This position allows superior natural airflow (much like a double hung with the top and bottom opened) while preventing heavy drafts. It can be left open in all but driving rain. Because the hardware isn’t very exposed, a window in the tilt position is more secure than an open casement window.
  • The turn position allows maximum ventilation, as well as the ability to clean the glass from the inside.
  • In the closed position, Tilt & Turn Windows offer maximum security with a classic look, nearly identical to that of the inswing “French” casement windows found on so many older homes in Milwaukee.


  • The hardware is sourced through Roto-Frank of Germany.

Glass Packages

WASCO Windows have a variety of options available for glass packages.  For specific information, click the links below:


 WASCO European Window Gallery