European Windows

Euro-PictureEuropean Windows from WASCO’s Milwaukee Fensterwerk

Commonly called "Tilt & Turn windows," our European windows are made from the best components from Germany, the United States and Canada.  They are available as a single Tilt & Turn Window, a true mullionless French Window (which allows both panes to be opened or a single pane to be tilted) or in a variety of multi-pane designs. WASCO can also build this window as a tilt-only (or hopper) for applications where the window's width is greater than its height, but a single lite is still desired.

With REHAU’s Winnipeg plant closure, the lead time on GENEO material has become up to 12 weeks when we need to deliver windows in 6-8 weeks. Therefore, WASCO has had to cease production of GENEO windows. However, David Paulus has teamed up with Access Window and Door in Winkler, Manitoba to continue to supply these windows. If you are looking for local installation in Southeastern Wisconsin or the Fox River Valley, please contact WASCO directly. If you are not local or are building a home, please contact David Paulus.


  • Normal ventilation is done in the tilt position. This position allows superior natural airflow (much like a double hung with the top and bottom opened) while preventing heavy drafts. It can be left open in all but driving rain. Because the hardware isn’t very exposed, a window in the tilt position is more secure than an open casement window.
  • The turn position allows maximum ventilation, as well as the ability to clean the glass from the inside.
  • In the closed position, Tilt & Turn Windows offer maximum security with a classic look, nearly identical to that of the inswing “French” casement windows found on so many older homes in Milwaukee.


  • The hardware is sourced through Roto-Frank of Germany.

Glass Packages

WASCO Windows have a variety of options available for glass packages.  For specific information, click the links below:


 WASCO European Window Gallery