Window Replacement Tips for Whitefish Bay’s Historic Houses: Insights from a Replacement Windows Company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Window Replacement Tips for Whitefish Bay’s Historic Houses: Insights from a Replacement Windows Company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin has many beautiful old houses. If you live in one of these homes, there will eventually come a time when you need to replace your windows. This is an important project, as the right windows can make your home look good while keeping it comfortable and efficient throughout the year.

When searching for new windows, you’ll want to find an option that matches your house's style. This way, your home will keep its classic look and stay true to its design. Below, this replacement windows company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin is going to review some of the most popular types of windows for historic houses in the area.

Colonial Revival Style

Colonial Revival is the most common house style in Whitefish Bay. These houses have triangle-shaped roofs, small roofs on the upper floors called dormers, and simple columns in the front. They also have pilasters, which are flat columns on the walls, fancy edges near the roof, and shutters next to the windows. Many have brick walls on the first floor and aluminum walls on the second floor.

Double-hung windows are a good choice for these houses. They look like the old windows that came with the house. They have two parts that slide up and down. You can open the top part, the bottom part, or both. These windows keep the house's original look and offer modern energy efficiency.

Tudor Revival Style

Another popular style in Whitefish Bay is the Tudor Revival. These houses have unique wooden designs on the walls, usually on the upper floors or roof ends. The spaces between the wood are filled with stucco or brick. They also have steep, pointy roofs and tall, narrow windows.

Casement windows are best for Tudor Revival houses. These windows open outward like doors because they have hinges on the side. They fit the tall and narrow windows of Tudor Revival houses. They also let in fresh air and save energy.

Mediterranean Revival Style

Mediterranean Revival houses are mainly on Silver Spring Drive. They are less common than other styles but easy to spot. These houses have stucco walls, red tile roofs, and rounded windows and doors.

Replacement window companies in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin often recommend picture windows for Mediterranean Revival houses. They have large glass panes that cannot be opened. They let in a lot of sunlight, making the house bright and warm, which fits the Mediterranean style.

You can add awning windows to make the windows more useful. Awning windows open outward from the top and let in fresh air. They do not change the look of the house, so it still looks like a Mediterranean Revival home. 

Queen Anne and Bungalow Styles

Queen Anne homes in Whitefish Bay have asymmetrical fronts, which do not look the same on both sides. They have fancy woodwork around the edges and roofs with different shapes and levels. Bungalow homes are simpler. They have low roofs and broad front porches for sitting and relaxing.

Bay and bow windows are great for Queen Anne homes. They add to the decorative look. Bay and bow windows extend outward, making the inside feel bigger. They let in a lot of natural light, making the rooms bright.

Slider windows are suitable for bungalows. They slide sideways and are easy to open and close, making them practical for simple Bungalow designs.

Prairie Style

Prairie homes are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. They have low roofs, overhanging eaves, and horizontal lines, so they look long and low to the ground.

Tilt and turn windows are good for Prairie homes. They can be used in different ways. You can open them a little from the top to let in fresh air, or they can swing in like a door for a full opening. These windows fit the horizontal lines of Prairie homes and are modern.

International and Art Moderne Styles

International-style homes have clean lines, no fancy decorations, and big windows. Art moderne homes, like the Fox Bay Cinema Grill, have smooth, rounded walls and flat roofs.

For these modern styles, awning windows and picture windows are best. Awning windows match the simple look and let in fresh air. Picture windows look modern. They have large glass panes that let in lots of light.

French Provincial and Monterey Styles

French Provincial homes have steep roofs, brick exteriors, and symmetrical fronts. They have two stories, with the second floor sticking out over the first and a balcony.

French windows are perfect for French Provincial homes. These windows open in the middle and swing out to the sides. They give a classic look that matches the house. For Monterey homes, double-hung windows are a good choice. These windows have two parts that move up and down. They have a traditional look and fit the house's style. They also allow ventilation on both floors.

It's important to keep the historical look of your Whitefish Bay home while getting replacement windows. Most reputable replacement window companies in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin offer many window styles that match different house designs. Whether you have a Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, or another style, we can help you choose the best windows to improve your home's beauty and efficiency.

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