How Do European Windows Operate? Insights from a European Windows Company in Brookfield, Wisconsin

How Do European Windows Operate? Insights from a European Windows Company in Brookfield, Wisconsin

When it comes to home improvements or simply sprucing up our living spaces, your windows may not always be the first thing that comes to mind. However, your windows do a lot more than just let sunlight into your Brookfield home — they provide a view of the outside, improve ventilation, and protect our interiors from extreme weather conditions.

The European window is one option that has grown in popularity in Brookfield and the surrounding areas due to its unique combination of form and function. Are you interested in learning about these windows and how they operate? This European windows company in Brookfield, Wisconsin is going to explain below.

The Versatility of European Windows

European windows have become quite popular among Brookfield homeowners, and a big reason for this is the flexibility they offer in terms of design. As the premier European windows company in Brookfield, Wisconsin, our team at WASCO offers a range of European window styles to fit different tastes and requirements. These include:

  • Single Tilt and Turn Window: This timeless design complements most architectural styles. It is also versatile, offering a tilt function for when you want a gentle breeze or the option to swing it wide open for when you want more air.
  • French Window: These windows add a touch of elegance to your home and allow you to either open both windowpanes fully or tilt a single pane for some fresh air.
  • Multi-pane Designs: The multi-pane options can be ideal for spaces that demand more panes due to their size or unique design. The inclusion of numerous panes means a broader view and better ventilation, which adds to the indoor aesthetics.
  • Tilt-only Design: For those homes with expansive window spaces, the tilt-only design comes into play. It is designed to provide ventilation without needing to be completely opened.

Functionality and Safety of European Windows

What truly sets European windows apart is their dual-function design, which combines practicality with safety.

The tilt position is all about subtle ventilation. It gives you a gentle flow of air that is somewhat like having a standard window slightly open. It is great for regular use because it doesn’t let too much air in. The best part is that you don't have to fret about sudden rain showers. In other words, you can leave the window in the tilt position without worrying about water seeping in. It also acts as a security measure, preventing unwanted access from the outside.

When you want to fill your space to have ample fresh air, the turn position is the go-to position. You can simply open the window fully and let the breeze in. An added advantage? Window cleaning becomes a breeze, as you can reach every part of the glass without stepping outside.

When you decide to close the window, it offers robust security while retaining a classic, elegant look. It reminds many of the old-style windows seen in many Brookfield homes. Regardless of your home’s style, your European windows company in Brookfield, Wisconsin can help you find an option that provides the right aesthetic.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

While the aesthetics of a window are essential, its functionality and security features should never be compromised. This balance is crucial for ensuring a comfortable living experience, and European tilt-and-turn windows strike this balance perfectly.

Looking for a European Windows Company in Brookfield, Wisconsin?

Are you ready to have high-quality European tilt-and-turn windows installed in your home? Looking for the premier European windows company in Brookfield, Wisconsin? If so, you’ve come to the right place — WASCO Windows is here to assist you. With a wide selection of sizes and styles, we are sure to have something that complements your space. Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation with our staff.

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