The Best Windows to Make Your Rooms Feel More Spacious: Insights from a New Windows Contractor in Waupaca, Wisconsin

The Best Windows to Make Your Rooms Feel More Spacious: Insights from a New Windows Contractor in Waupaca, Wisconsin

If you want to make your living spaces feel more inviting and open, choosing the right windows is crucial. The right windows let in fresh air and natural light, and they can also make your rooms look more spacious than they are.

Below, this new windows contractor in Waupaca, Wisconsin is going to provide some tips on how to choose windows that complement your existing space while also providing an expansive illusion.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows can be opened in two different ways — they can swing open just like a door, or they can be tilted from the top. This design makes your living spaces feel more open and airier because it lets you see more of the outside without any parts of the window blocking the view. 

French Windows

French windows are made of two big glass panels that open outwards. There is no piece of frame in the middle, so nothing blocks your view. This can give the illusion of extra square footage in the room because it lets in a lot of natural light and provides an unobstructed view of the outside. 

Picture Windows

A picture window is essentially a large picture frame providing a clear view of the world outside. These windows are fixed (meaning they can't open or close), but they bring outside views into your Waupaca home without obstruction. They give the impression that your living space continues into the outdoors, making even the smallest room feel more open and spacious.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows stick out from the outside wall. Bay windows have a big window in the middle and typically two smaller windows (or flankers) at an angle on the sides. In contrast, bow windows have a gentle curve made of several windows.

Both types of windows let in light from different angles, which can trick the eye into perceiving a room as larger than it is. They also create a nook and give you extra space inside, which you can use to sit and read or just enjoy the view. If you have the space for it, your new windows contractor in Waupaca, Wisconsin may recommend this option.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two sashes that slide up and down. You can open them from the top or bottom — which is great for letting in air — but does not change how big your room feels. What we really like about these windows is that their design is familiar and unobtrusive, which can help a small room feel more open and uninterrupted.

Casement, Awning, and Picture Window Combinations

Mixing casement, awning, and picture windows can help make a room look bigger. Casement windows have hinges at the sides and open outwards, whereas awning windows are hinged at the top but also open outward.

These windows can be placed next to or above a picture window, which does not open but provides a big view. This combination lets you adjust the windows for fresh air and add to the visual expanse by providing an unbroken view of the outdoors. Your new windows contractor in Waupaca, Wisconsin can help you come up with the ideal window combination for your space.

Slider Windows

Slider windows open by sliding horizontally along a track and don't need any room to open into. They are great for areas with limited outdoor space, like walkways or patios, where a swinging window would be impractical. These windows have an expansive glass area, which maximizes the view and the entry of natural light into your room, helping to make the space feel bigger and more open.

Looking for a New Windows Contractor in Waupaca, Wisconsin?

Various windows can make your rooms feel bigger in their own ways. What works best for your space will depend on what you like, your room's layout, and the architectural style of your Waupaca home.

Are you ready to partner with a new windows contractor in Waupaca, Wisconsin that can help you find the right windows for your home? If so, our experts at WASCO Windows are just a call away. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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