The Benefits of Advanced Glazing Technology for Your Windows: Insights from a New Windows Company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

The Benefits of Advanced Glazing Technology for Your Windows: Insights from a New Windows Company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Choosing the right windows for your home is a big decision, as your windows can impact your home's look, comfort, and energy usage. One of the most important recent advancements in window technology is glazing. Advanced glazing technologies are special methods and materials that are used to improve window glass, making homes more energy efficient. They also make your home more comfortable by reducing drafts and noise, and they help extend your windows’ lifespan.

Below, this new windows company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin is going to explore some of the benefits of advanced glazing, and we’ll also explain why you should consider it when investing in new windows.

Advanced glazing improves window performance.

Glazing is the glass in windows or the part of the window you see through. Advanced glazing uses special coatings and multiple glass layers to improve performance. WASCO offers dual and triple-pane glazing. These types of windows are ideal for Pewaukee's cold climate. The extra layers of glass and special coatings keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making them much better at insulating your home than regular single-pane windows.

Advanced glazing increases energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a big deal for all homeowners. At WASCO, our windows feature Cardinal LoE 180 glass. This type of glass has a low U-Factor, which means it does not let much heat escape. It also has high visible light transmittance, so it lets in a lot of natural light. For summer, Cardinal LoE3 366 glass reflects heat, keeping your home cool. These features help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home with less energy use.

Advanced glazing reduces condensation.

Condensation on windows can be a problem in cold climates. It occurs when warm, moist air hits cold glass, and water droplets form on the inside of the windows. As the best new windows company in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, we use Super Spacer® and Cardinal's XL Edge® systems to keep glass edges warm and reduce condensation. This prevents mold growth from too much moisture, improving air quality inside your home and making your windows last longer.

Advanced glazing reduces outside noise.

Advanced glazing reduces outside noise, creating a quieter home environment. Multi-pane glass and quality spacers create a barrier that lowers the amount of noise entering your home. The windows block out sounds like traffic and loud music, making your home more peaceful and relaxing.

Advanced glazing improves durability and security.

WASCO’s windows are made to last a long time. We use 3mm thick Cardinal Glass and advanced spacer systems for stability. The windows also have strong locking mechanisms, making them harder to break into, making your home safer. You can feel more secure knowing that your windows are built to protect you and your family.

Advanced glazing adds UV protection.

Harmful UV rays can damage your furniture, carpets, and other items in your home. These rays can make colors fade over time. At WASCO Windows, we use special coatings to block UV radiation. This protects your home's interior from fading while letting in natural light. You can enjoy a bright home without worrying about your furniture and carpets getting damaged by the sun.

Choosing the right windows for your home in Pewaukee is important for many reasons. Reputable new window companies in Pewaukee, Wisconsin will offer advanced glazing technologies that improve energy efficiency, reduce noise, increase durability, and enhance security. These windows make your home more comfortable, quiet, and safe.

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