Choosing Between Bay and Bow Windows for Your Home: Insights from a New Windows Contractor in Neenah, Wisconsin

Choosing Between Bay and Bow Windows for Your Home: Insights from a New Windows Contractor in Neenah, Wisconsin

If you’re planning on purchasing new windows for your home in Neenah, Wisconsin, it’s important to know about the different styles of windows that you can choose from. Bay and bow windows are two popular styles today. Both offer a wide range of benefits, and they can drastically improve your home's look and feel.

To help you decide on the right option for your home, this new windows contractor in Neenah, Wisconsin is going to explore some of the differences between bay and bow windows below.

Why should you buy bay windows?

Bay windows are a popular choice for homeowners in Neenah, Wisconsin. These windows consist of three adjoining windows extending out from the main walls of your house. The window in the middle is usually large and fixed, while the smaller windows can be double-hung or casement windows. This design creates a 'bay' in the room, which adds extra space and provides a 180-degree outside view.

If you want to make your rooms look bigger and more welcoming, bay windows are the right choice. With the side windows hinged to open and close, bay windows are the best choice for areas like living rooms or kitchens where you want more space and light. They are also the best choice for areas where you want to enjoy the outside view inside your home, like a sitting area or a gathering place.

Bow Windows

While similar to bay windows, bow windows usually include 4-5 window panes, unlike the three panes of bay windows. These panes create a smooth, rounded shape extending from your home's exterior wall. This smooth curve gives bow windows a unique look that can change the architectural feel of your home. Like bay windows, bow windows also add extra space inside the room and provide a 180-degree outside view.

Bow windows can be fitted with hinged casements, which means you can open them to let air flow freely, much like bay windows. New windows contractors in Neenah, Wisconsin often recommend them for homeowners who want to make their rooms not only brighter and airier, but also more stylish. 

The benefits of both bay and bow windows

Both bay and bow windows can make your home look better from the outside. They add architectural interest to the house, making your home worth more if you ever decide to sell it.

These windows are larger than flat windows and have a design extending from the wall. This means they also let in more natural light to your home. In addition, both bay and bow windows have windows that open and close, which improves the airflow in your home. You can enjoy fresh air whenever you like.

Last but certainly not least, the unique design of bay and bow windows creates extra space inside your room that can be used for seating or storage. Many people like to put a bench under these windows to create a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy the view outside. 

How to choose between bay and bow windows for your home?

When choosing between bay and bow windows, you’ll want to consider your house's architectural style. Bay windows have sharp, clear lines that usually complement more traditional homes. On the other hand, bow windows have a smooth, curved appearance that looks equally good in both modern and traditional homes. You can always consult with a new windows contractor in Neenah, Wisconsin to get advice on which style would be the best match for your home.

Looking for a New Windows Contractor in Neenah, Wisconsin?

Are you ready to have new bay and bow windows installed in your home? If so, and if you’re looking for the best new windows contractor in Neenah, Wisconsin, WASCO Windows is the company to call. Contact us today to learn more about these two stylish window options.

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