What Is So Unique About Sliding Glass Doors? Insights from a Glass Door Replacement Company in Franklin, Wisconsin

What Is So Unique About Sliding Glass Doors? Insights from a Glass Door Replacement Company in Franklin, Wisconsin

When it comes to combining safety, comfort, beauty, and efficiency, sliding glass doors outperform several other types of doors that are available today. They are designed to offer a larger outside view while perfectly complementing your home’s individuality.  They provide the dual function of windows and doors.

As the most trusted glass door replacement company in Franklin, Wisconsin, we’re going to share our insights below on what makes sliding glass doors great for Franklin, Wisconsin homes.

What Is So Great About Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors are primarily constructed of glass, vinyl or metal frames, and attached to doorway studs. The structure usually contains a channel at the bottom to allow the door to glide for opening and closing purposes.

In most cases, one side of the door remains fixed while the other side slides on the track. Sliding glass doors also use weatherstripping to maintain a tight seal, are highly durable, and can withstand daily use.

Because of their unique design, they provide all the light and views of windows and the security and safety of doors.

What else makes sliding glass doors unique? Keep reading.

Sliding Glass Doors Are Practical

One of the most attractive advantages of sliding glass doors is their practicality and efficiency. They create an open feel to any room. Sliding glass doors are a great option for smaller spaces. Generally, the installation is quick and easy with few moving parts or exposed hardware. And unlike French doors, they do not require a lot of floor space. Sliding glass doors are environmentally friendly as these can be manufactured from recyclable materials like glass, metal and vinyl.

If lighting is your main concern, sliding glass doors that open to a patio or outdoors from your living area is a great choice. Since sliding glass doors are mostly glass and a frame, they facilitate and allow maximum light exposure.

You can always consult with a reputable door replacement company in Franklin, Wisconsin to look for options that suit your style preferences.

Sliding Glass Doors are Perfect for Living Rooms

You are most likely to see sliding glass doors in living rooms, usually leading to an outdoor area. Homeowners typically like to have these on ground floor rooms, but these also work well for rooms with attached balconies on the upper floors. Furthermore, you can install sliding doors with a pet door to make the operation friendly for your pets.

Sliding Glass Doors for the Patio or Deck

If you are looking to get a door that is easy to operate for your deck or patio, sliding glass patio doors are the great solution. They are much slimmer than French doors and offer a more practical solution in most cases. If you don’t want to add a window, sliding glass patio doors provide better lighting as well as a fantastic outdoor view.

Are You Looking for a Sliding Glass Door Replacement Company in Franklin, Wisconsin?

If you are looking to replace your existing door with a sliding glass door, we can help. Your home will make a statement with our modern doors that are high performing, durable, and available in several great styles. The WASCO Windows’ doors are engineered with precision and unsurpassed quality to look great, resist extreme everyday conditions, and last a lifetime.

Call WASCO Windows to discuss the best choice for your home. As the top-rated sliding glass door replacement company in Franklin, Wisconsin, we offer a wide variety of security features, colors, finishes, frames, and fits. Regardless of your preferences, we’re sure to have an option you’ll love. Contact us today at 414-461-9900 today to discuss your options.

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