Looking for a New Entry Door? Here Are Some Options to Consider: Insights from a Door Replacement Company in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Looking for a New Entry Door? Here Are Some Options to Consider: Insights from a Door Replacement Company in Brookfield, Wisconsin

When it’s time to replace an entry door of your Brookfield home, there are many factors you’ll want to consider. Where should you start? What kind of doors should you go with? The number of choices can be overwhelming, but fortunately, our team at WASCO is here to help narrow down your options.

Below, this door replacement company in Brookfield, Wisconsin is going to help you navigate the decision-making process and choose an entry door that improve your home's style and functionality.

Why should you consider installing European doors?

One of the most popular reasons to consider installing European doors is their superior performance. European doors, like the ones WASCO offers, are designed using advanced insulation technology to minimize heat transfer. This means they help keep your house warm when it is getting cold outside and cool when it is hot outside, saving you money on energy bills over time. European-style doors also provide a high-end aesthetic that many homeowners appreciate.

What makes WASCO doors special?

WASCO offers two main types of doors — the GENEO series and the 4500 Series. Each has its unique features that we will discuss below:

The GENEO series

These doors are constructed from an advanced material called RAU-FIPRO® glass-fiber reinforced PVC. This material has six chambers within it, which helps maintain the ideal temperature inside your home. This is especially beneficial for "passive" homes that use very little energy for heating and cooling, or for homes that are designed with environmental friendliness in mind.

Our GENEO doors also exceed the standards of the US Department of Energy's R5 Window program. So, if you are building a new house and energy efficiency is a priority, you can’t go wrong with having GENEO doors installed by your door replacement company in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

The 4500 series

The 4500 Series doors are also an excellent choice. They are made with the same window profile material engineered by REHAU as the GENEO series — RAU-FIPRO® glass-fiber reinforced PVC. These doors have four chambers, which are effective in preventing heat from escaping your home or cold air from entering. They are slightly thicker compared to standard doors, which also helps maintain the indoor temperature.

The 4500 Series doors are ideal for homeowners who are looking to replace old doors, or for new homes built in a traditional style. Additionally, these doors are designed to allow for the addition of extra reinforcement if necessary.

In summary, WASCO offers two door options for different housing needs. The GENEO series is highly energy-efficient, surpassing the efficiency levels of traditional doors. On the other hand, the 4500 Series is perfect for traditional home construction or upgrades, offering durability and significantly improved thermal insulation.

Why choose WASCO for your door replacement needs?

Finding the right door replacement company in Brookfield, Wisconsin is essential. You’ll want to find a company that knows exactly what you need, is familiar with the climate in your area, and can offer solutions to improve your home. This is where the team at WASCO enters the picture.

At WASCO, our doors can help make your home look better and feel more comfortable, and they help you save money in the form of lower energy bills. Our premium approach and quality guarantee ensure you make the best choice for your house.

Looking for a Door Replacement Company in Brookfield, Wisconsin?

Are you ready to have new high-quality entry doors installed at your home? Ready to partner with the top-rated door replacement company in Brookfield, Wisconsin? If so, our team at WASCO is here to help. Our GENEO and 4500 Series doors offer something for every home, and we are here to help you find the perfect option. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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