How to Measure Your Door Size When Replacing It: Tips from a Door Replacement Company in Racine, Wisconsin

How to Measure Your Door Size When Replacing It: Tips from a Door Replacement Company in Racine, Wisconsin

Replacing a door in your Racine home is a big decision. You’ll ultimately want to find the perfect balance between looks and function, but it all starts with one step: measuring your door correctly.

We recognize that measuring a door is not always as straightforward as you might think. To help you choose the correct size, this door replacement company in Racine, Wisconsin is going to provide a quick guide below on how to measure your door.

Why is an accurate measurement crucial?

The importance of getting the measurements of your new door just right cannot be overstated. If a door is not measured correctly, it can cause problems that affect the comfort and safety of your home.

One of the most common problems that can arise from incorrect door measurements is air leaks. When unwanted drafts sneak into your home, it can make your living space less energy-efficient and increase your heating and cooling bills. A correctly sized door prevents air from escaping or entering, which helps keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient all year round.

But there's more — a door that does not fit perfectly in its frame can also be hard to open and close. This could be frustrating, but more importantly, it could be a safety issue in an emergency. And let's not forget about the security of your home. Incorrectly sized doors can leave gaps or misalignments, making your home more vulnerable to intruders.

By getting the measurements right, your door replacement company in Racine, Wisconsin can make sure everything fits perfectly, which ultimately helps keep your home safe, energy-efficient, and comfortable.

How should you measure your door?

To measure your door accurately, you will need three key measurements — your door's width, height, and thickness. Each of these measurements ensures your new door fits and operates as it should.

Door width:

First, you’ll want to grab your tape measure and check the width of your current door at the top, middle, and bottom. Front doors (especially older ones) can warp over time, so measuring in three places helps you identify any changes and use the widest measurement for the best fit.

Door height:

Measure the door height the same way you did its width — from the left, middle, and right. You’ll want to make sure you get this measurement right to prevent unevenness, and to ensure the door covers the entire height of the opening without any gaps or draft issues.

Door thickness:

Measure how thick your current door is. Most doors are 1¾ inches thick, but there can be variations. Getting the thickness right means your door will fit properly in the frame and operate smoothly.

Measure the door frame and rough opening:

If you are thinking about changing your door style, make sure you measure the door frame and the rough opening, too. These measurements will tell you the largest size your new door can be without requiring major changes to your doorway.

Now that you have all the necessary measurements, your door replacement company in Racine, Wisconsin can help you choose a new door that not only fits perfectly, but also complements the look of your home.

Looking for a Door Replacement Company in Racine, Wisconsin?

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