Why Consider Casement Windows for Your Home? Insights from a Window Installer in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Why Consider Casement Windows for Your Home? Insights from a Window Installer in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

If you are installing new windows or replacing existing ones in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, one highly sought-after option is casement windows

Casement windows are one of the most popular window styles among homeowners. These windows are attached to their frames by hinges — either vertically (casement) or at the top (awning) — and opened by way of a crank or a lever, which also serves as the window’s lock.

Modern casement windows are a smart choice for homeowners across the Milwaukee metropolitan area. There are many advantages to choosing these premium windows in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

The Advantages of Casement Windows

  • Premium casement windows provide an expansive view of the outdoors of your home in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. In contrast to sash windows, all you see is the glass — and your particular views.
  • Do you enjoy a natural breeze in your home? If so, these premium casement windows are for you — this window design can open wide and catch side breezes. Premium casement windows have an open sash that functions as a flap, funnelling air into your Whitefish Bay home.
  • Premium casement windows let natural light in, creating a bright and pleasant indoor environment in your Whitefish Bay home.
  • The locks on premium casement windows are hook-shaped and embedded in the window frame, keeping your home secure.
  • With a broad range of colors, veneers, grilles, screens, and hardware, premium casement windows will complement the distinctive style of your Whitefish Bay home.
  • Premium casement windows are solid pieces of low emissivity (low-E or low thermal emissivity) glass fitted with argon. When you close your casement, awning and picture windows, they pull snug against your home, creating a tight seal. Both providing homeowners in the Whitefish Bay area energy efficiency.
  • That airtight “snugness” has another advantage: silence. Premium casement windows can effectively keep the noise out.

Are you looking for premium casement windows for your Whitefish Bay, WI home?

At WASCO Windows, we supply high-quality casement windows to homeowners throughout the Milwaukee area. Our 1400 series casement, awning and picture windows are the finest outswing casement windows available in North America. Each window we deliver is tested for quality, safety, durability, and year-round comfort. When you choose WASCO Windows, you are investing in a trusted and leading supplier of high-quality thermal windows.

Contact us at (414) 461-9900 to learn more about our products and services and understand the WASCO difference.

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