Why Consider European Windows for Your Home? Insights from a New Windows Company in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Why Consider European Windows for Your Home? Insights from a New Windows Company in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

European windows, also known as “Tilt & Turn windows,” are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners across the South Milwaukee metropolitan area — and for good reason. For one, they look stunning. European windows offer a distinctive look, adding a touch of character and intrigue to any home. But there is more to European windows than just the aesthetic.

In today’s blog, we will go over some of the top benefits homeowners will enjoy by installing new European windows in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

But first, how do European windows work?

European windows may look like ordinary casement windows, but they function in unique ways. These windows can be swung open and shut like a door or tilted inward — only one handle is used to facilitate all operations. There are many benefits to this unique configuration. Although more expensive than their North American counterparts, European windows are a worthwhile investment for any homeowner in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here are a few reasons for this:

You can control the amount of ventilation.

When it comes to European windows, you have a choice of two opening actions — vertical or horizontal. If you want to let a little air enter your South Milwaukee home or simply want to observe something outside, you can open the windows at the top. You can also open European windows in a sideways motion so that you can completely open them up to create maximum airflow. You will appreciate the flexibility to open the windows in a way that best suits the weather conditions and house location.

They are easy to clean.

European windows can be opened inwards rather than outwards, making them very easy to clean. You can clean the outside of the windowpane and frame while you are inside. Their trouble-free accessibility and ease of cleaning make this style extremely practical for those living in apartments or multi-story homes in the South Milwaukee metropolitan area.

They are great for small balconies.

The inward opening mechanism of the European windows makes them well suited for rooms with windows that look out onto narrow terraces or balconies. Even if you have a generously proportioned terrace, the inward opening action of the European windows allows you to make better use of the usable outdoor area in your South Milwaukee home.

Increased safety and security.

European windows also offer safety that is perfect for those with children and pets. When tilted, the window only opens about 4 inches — which is typically not wide enough for your pet or child to get through. To reinforce security, you can set up multi-point locking hardware that prevents your windows from opening too widely, reducing the risk of unwanted visitors.

In addition to these advantages, European windows are also energy-efficient, incredibly durable and long-lasting, and have impressive sound reduction properties. Looking at all the benefits, it is easy to see why so many homeowners in South Milwaukee are now choosing to install European windows.

Are you Looking for New European Windows for Your South Milwaukee Home?

At WASCO Windows, we supply high-quality European windows to homeowners throughout the South Milwaukee area. Our European windows are made from the best components from Germany, the United States, and Canada (the hardware is sourced from Roto Frank of Germany.) Each window we deliver is tested for quality, safety, durability, and year-round comfort. When you choose WASCO Windows, you invest your time and money in a leading and trusted supplier of high-quality thermal windows.

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