What Are Some Unique Features of European Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin

What Are Some Unique Features of European Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Choosing the right windows for your home is a big decision. For homeowners in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, the decision often comes down to two choices: European windows or American windows. European windows are unique. They help keep your home safe while letting plenty of fresh air in, and they’re also designed to look great in any setting.

Are you wondering whether European windows are right for your home? To help you decide, this European windows company in Green Bay, Wisconsin is going to discuss some of the features that make them unique.

What makes European windows unique?

European windows (sometimes called tilt and turn windows) are known for their versatility, security, and energy efficiency. At WASCO, we offer European windows that are made with high-quality parts from Germany, the US, and Canada.

What's unique about these windows is how they open and close. You can tilt them to let in a little air, or you can turn them for a lot of airflow. This tilt and turn functionality makes it easy to ventilate your home and clean the windows from inside your home. 

Reputable European window companies in Green Bay, Wisconsin also offer multiple styles — including the single tilt and turn window, a true mullionless French window, and options with multi-pane glass. So, no matter which option you prefer, there is probably a European window out there that will match your home perfectly.

How do European windows work?

European windows have a unique way to open. The tilt position promotes superior natural airflow while preventing heavy drafts. This position is also more secure than traditional open casement windows, as there is less exposed hardware. Then, the turn position lets you open the window fully for maximum ventilation or to clean the windows from the inside. Even when closed, they resemble the classic "French" windows you see in some of Green Bay’s historic homes.

European windows feature quality hardware and glass options

The hardware for WASCO's European windows is sourced from Roto Frank AG, a German window company that is renowned for creating durable and practical hardware. In addition, WASCO provides a wide range of glass packages, including the 1400 Casement and 4500 tilt and turn options, with dual pane and triple pane configurations to meet different insulation and energy efficiency requirements.

Local support and supply

Even when there are problems sourcing materials (like when the closure of REHAU's Winnipeg plant affected the lead time on GENEO material), the best European window companies in Green Bay, Wisconsin find a way to stay on top of supply issues. At WASCO Windows, we work with Access Window and Door in Winkler, Manitoba to ensure we always have continued availability of these high-quality windows. So, whether you live in the Green Bay area or beyond, you can easily get these high-quality windows for your home.

Looking for a European Windows Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

The choice between picking European windows over American ones depends on what you are looking for in terms of functionality, security, and style. European windows are special because of their unique tilt and turn mechanism. This dual functionality makes them a compelling option for homeowners wanting to improve their home's looks and practicality.

Are you ready to have new European windows installed in your home? If so, and you’re ready to partner with the most trusted European windows company in Green Bay, Wisconsin, WASCO Windows is the top choice. With our wide selection, we know you will find something that complements your space. Contact us today to get started.

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