Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose European Windows: Insights from a New Windows Company in Appleton, Wisconsin

Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose European Windows: Insights from a New Windows Company in Appleton, Wisconsin

Windows are an indispensable component of Appleton, Wisconsin buildings, whether commercial or residential. In the windows market, European windows are becoming the more common amongst property owners. There are a few good reasons why anyone familiar with this window type might choose it over the other options.  They impart a touch of splendor and beauty, along with functionality and efficiency. This article lists seven excellent reasons why new European-style windows deliver first-rate performance and could be a fit for your Appleton, Wisconsin property.

1. Easy to Use and Clean

European windows are easy to use and have premium quality structures. Anyone of any age can operate the windows and these can be opened in two ways, i.e., by tilting and turning. These windows are in many superior to traditional windows and are easy to clean and maintain. As cleaning your exterior windows can be challenging with other types, European windows are a good choice. These are easy to clean with their tilt and turn style and do not necessitate professional cleaning.

2. Aesthetics

European windows deliver an unmatched style adding an element of personality, intrigue, and history. They are huge, use triple panes (even quadruple), fill larger spaces, and tilt and turn in a minimalistic manner. The three distinct functionalities are attainable in one aesthetically pleasing product – fixed window when closed, inward opening casement when turning, and top venting hopper in the tilted position.

3. Energy Efficiency

These windows are tested for the highest standards of energy efficiency and product excellence. They stand the test of time and reduce the ecological footprint of a building. Their design allows regulating better airflow between the indoor and outdoor areas, where hot air vents out quickly and cool air enters through several features. The European window efficiently resists condensation to bring down energy consumption in colder climates.

4. Sound Reduction

If noise reduction is your goal, European windows are great for that purpose. Noise pollution can be a big problem, especially in urban areas. Tilt and turn style windows limit noise impact with their airtight rubber seal and multi-point locking mechanism.

5. Durability

When renovating or adding to your home, investing in European windows that last long and perform well are a good choice. The product is engineered to provide more than 50 years of life and peace of mind without breaking the bank.

6. Security

Increased safety is one of the significant benefits of having European-style windows on your property. These windows typically have multi-point locking hardware. Sash at the top tilts inwards for secure ventilation, making the window ideal for use as an emergency exit. Internal steel reinforcement and durable hinges add another layer of safety. When it is in the tilt position, one cannot open the windows from outside. So, there is no compromise of your security.

7. Cost

The cost of a product is an important deciding factor for most buyers. With European windows, the initial expenses may seem considerable. However, you can cover the additional expenses with enhanced energy savings and extended life.

Order Your Appleton Wisconsin New European Windows at WASCO Windows

Tilt and turn windows have been around for a long time. Varied ventilation, easy cleaning, robust internal hardware for enhanced security, minimal design, and all-year comfort make these a preferred option for residential and commercial spaces in Appleton, Wisconsin.

If you are interested in installing these high-performing new windows at your property, we can help. WASCO European new windows in Appleton, Wisconsin offer exceptional features to meet your project goals. Our new windows are an excellent choice for your home project. Contact us at 920-730-0099 to discuss your requirements or request a quote.

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