How Can New Windows Improve Your Home’s Air Quality? A Replacement Windows Company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin Explains

How Can New Windows Improve Your Home’s Air Quality? A Replacement Windows Company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin Explains

As a Menomonee Falls homeowner, it’s important to take care of your property all year round. Wisconsin weather changes a lot throughout the year — from freezing, snowy, and windy winters to warm and wet summers — which can affect our homes in areas we don't always notice right away, like the indoor air quality.

Although many homeowners do not realize it, your windows can have a big impact on the overall quality of the air in your home. Below, this replacement windows company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin is going explore the connection between your windows and your indoor air quality, and we’ll also explain how new windows can help improve the air you breathe.

The Impact Your Windows Have

We all know windows bring sunlight into our homes and let us see outside — but their job does not end there. They also help control how much outside air gets into our house.

But when windows get old and worn out, they often become less airtight. This lets in more than just fresh air. It can also let in dust, pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants from outside that we should not be breathing in. Over time, this can make the air inside our homes less clean and fresh.

The Connection Between Window Integrity and Air Quality

As windows get older, they often develop little gaps and cracks. The sealant or caulking around the window can deteriorate, and the frame can warp.

When this happens, not only can drafts sneak in, but also moisture. And where there is moisture, things like mold can start to grow. Mold can let tiny reproductive cells called "spores" into the air inside your home, and breathing in these spores can be harmful, especially if you have allergies or asthma.

How Replacement Windows Can Improve Your Air Quality

When you have new windows installed by a replacement windows company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, you can significantly improve your indoor air quality — or "IAQ."

Replacement windows come with improved sealing technologies and better materials that help keep outdoor air at bay. They close more tightly, which means less of the outdoor allergens and pollutants get inside your home. This is especially good when there is a lot of pollen outside or construction going on nearby, stirring up dust and dirt.

Choosing the Best Replacement Windows for Cleaner Air

Not every replacement window is the same, especially when it comes to improving IAQ. When searching for new windows for your home, you’ll want to find ones that look good and are made well.

Good windows have a few layers of glass (double or triple-pane glass) and are filled with an inert gas that helps keep your home quiet and well-insulated (argon). They should also be made from quality materials that don't warp easily so that they last a long time.

When you have high-quality windows installed by your replacement windows company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, you won’t have to use your heating and cooling system as much. This will help keep your air filters in pristine shape and keep your air ducts cleaner over time, resulting in improved air quality.

Looking for a Replacement Windows Company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin?

Keeping your home comfortable means ensuring the air inside is as clean and healthy as possible. Having quality windows can significantly help with this. They keep out outdoor pollutants while also taking the strain off your heating and cooling systems.

Are you ready to improve your indoor air quality by having high-quality windows installed? Looking for the best replacement windows company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin? If so, look no further than WASCO Windows. Our windows are engineered for Wisconsin's unique climate, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. Contact us today to request a free quote on your replacement.

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