Choosing the Perfect Windows for Your Home, Room by Room: Insights from a European Windows Company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Choosing the Perfect Windows for Your Home, Room by Room: Insights from a European Windows Company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

With so many window styles to choose from today, it can become a little overwhelming trying to pick the right windows for all the different rooms in your home. To help ease your stress, this European windows company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin is going to review all your options, room by room, helping you choose the perfect type.


Choosing basement windows is a crucial decision to make, as these can deteriorate and wear out relatively quickly. Pick a window that lets in light and air, is budget-friendly, and works in emergencies. Double-hung windows are good choice for basements. They are great for an emergency escape and also provide proper ventilation. However, we suggest working with a windows specialist to understand the most suitable solution for your basement needs.  


When remodeling or renovating the bathroom, windows might not always be on your mind. But they can certainly give an edge to a bathroom’s overall look. A suitable bathroom window, such as an awning window, can allow ample light and ventilation without compromising privacy. Single-hung or casement windows are also great but for larger spaces. Built-in blinds, suitable window treatments, or an obscure window glass can further help you achieve seclusion but with style and comfort.


Consider ease of use, safety, and aesthetics when choosing bedroom windows to get the best option. Casement windows with a swing-out mechanism are an excellent choice for bedrooms. You can open these sufficiently for proper ventilation. European windows in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin are another attractive option that not only looks good but is fully functional as well as safe considering the privacy you need in your bedroom.

Dining Room

If you have a separate dining space in your home, spruce it up with bay or picture windows. A set of smaller double-hung windows can also produce a dramatic effect in the area.   

Home Office

Creating a welcoming and productive workspace is important, with the work-from-home scenario still on the rise. Thus, having casement windows that hinge on the sides and open externally make your home office a rejuvenating space to work. Casement windows also bring more natural light and fresh air. If you have limited space, sliding windows can be an option.


In this part of the house, you need something practical that caters to your cooking needs. The kitchen is one of the most extensively used spaces in any home. Spruce it up with options that brighten the space and make meal prep enjoyable. Your kitchen window must accommodate the fresh air aspect to help with cooking smells and occasional mishaps while opening up the room. Consider adding smaller but multiple windows, or a sliding window for a sophisticated impression.

Living Room

The living room is often a large space in most homes where everyone gets together. Lighten up the space with bay or picture windows, let in a nice breeze with casement windows, or use European windows in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, for style as well as functionality. Talk to an expert, and you can use various other design elements to match the space and your budget.

Ready to Install European Windows in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin?

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