Why Should You Consider Installing European Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Why Should You Consider Installing European Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin

When you want to upgrade or replace windows in your home, the options can be overwhelming. Among the various types of windows available in the market, however, one has gained popularity in recent years for its style and functionality: European windows.

Are you interested in learning about European windows and why you should consider installing them in your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This European windows company in Waukesha, Wisconsin is going to explain below.

How Do European Windows Work?

European windows offer a unique combination of classic design with modern features. Known as "tilt and turn windows," they are versatile, allowing homeowners to tilt them for ventilation or turn them for maximum airflow and ease of cleaning.

Here's a closer look at how European windows work:

The Tilt Mechanism

The tilt position provides natural airflow, like opening the top and bottom of a traditional double-hung window. This position lets in fresh air while keeping out heavy drafts. Even when it’s drizzling outside, this position ensures you get fresh air without the water seepage.

There is another advantage to this mechanism. In the tilt position, the window hardware remains mostly hidden. This gives it a neat look and adds a layer of security, as it is harder for someone to force it open from outside.

The Turn Mechanism

The turn position is ideal when you need more than just a light breeze. It swings the window wide open, allowing maximum airflow. And, if you have ever struggled with cleaning the exterior of your windows, you can easily clean both sides from the inside.

The Closed Position

When fully closed, these windows offer a timeless look. They remind many of the classic inswing "French" casement windows seen in many older Waukesha homes.

Different Styles of European Windows

Most European windows companies in Waukesha, Wisconsin offer multiple style options. These include the following:

Single tilt and turn: The classic version, perfect for most homes.

True mullionless French window: This style lets you open both windowpanes or tilt one for controlled airflow.

Multi-pane designs: These are perfect if you are looking for specific designs to match your home's unique architectural design.

Tilt-only/hopper windows: This design works perfectly for spaces where the window width exceeds its height, but you still want the charm of a single pane.

Quality is critical when buying windows. As the premier European windows company in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we ensure this by equipping all our European windows with high-quality hardware from Roto-Frank of Germany. This guarantees smooth operation, long-lasting durability, and improved security.

Why Are European Windows Worth Your Consideration?

Versatility: One of the main features of European windows is their versatility. The dual-opening mechanisms allow you to choose how you want to ventilate your home.

Security: The design ensures that the windows remain secure even when tilted for ventilation.

Ease of maintenance: The turn feature allows for easy cleaning from inside the home.

Aesthetics: These windows effortlessly bridge the gap between age-old European charm and modern design, boosting your home's curb appeal.

Looking for a European Windows Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin?

If you are considering a window upgrade, European tilt-and-turn windows might be the perfect fit for your Waukesha home. Are you ready to speak with an expert to find out whether these windows are right for your home? If so, and if you’re ready to meet with the best European windows company in Waukesha, Wisconsin, look no further than WASCO Windows.

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