What Are the Advantages of European-Style Tilt & Turn Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

What Are the Advantages of European-Style Tilt & Turn Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Are you looking to replace the windows in your home this fall? If so, one option that has intrigued many Whitefish Bay homeowners recently is European windows. European-style tilt-and-turn windows are far superior to many of the alternatives when it comes to aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency.

Are you interested in learning more about their advantages? This European windows company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin is going to review the key things you should know about them below.


Versatility is one of the many advantages of choosing a European-style tilt-and-turn window for your home. A tilt-and-turn window functions like any other window — you can open it entirely to let in some fresh air, or you can open just the top half to keep out drafts. The ventilating options are also flexible, as many European window companies in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin offer both electrical and manual crank options.

Ideal for Small Spaces

European-style tilt-and-turn windows are an excellent option for small spaces. They allow you to tilt out the window so it can be easily accessed while keeping the window flush with the wall when it is closed. This type of window is also great because it allows fresh air in without compromising any privacy. They also offer an opportunity to expand your view and create the feeling of a larger space.

Easy to Use and Maintain

When properly installed by a European windows company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, these windows are designed to be easy to use and maintain. They are perfect for areas where you want the window open but prefer it not to stick out past the wall. The tilt function allows the window to be opened by pulling a handle on the side or top, while the turn function allows you to close it simply by turning a handle on the side or top. Also, when cleaning time comes around, this type of window is often easier to access as there is no need for removing any sashes.

Air-Sealed for Improved Insulation

When it comes to windows, air-sealing is the key to increased energy efficiency. As any knowledgeable European windows company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin will tell you, air leakage accounts for a whopping 30% or more of all heat loss for homes in the Midwest. That's why tilt-and-turn windows are air sealed from the factory and feature double sash construction that creates a ⅛" gap between the two panes of glass (often referred to as spacer bars). These bars eliminate drafts by sealing warm or cool air, so you can enjoy greater comfort levels year-round without worrying about your utility bills.

Unobstructed Views

One of the most common complaints about traditional windows is that the view is obstructed. The tilt-and-turn window design, however, provides an unobstructed view from inside the house outwards. This makes it much easier to see what is going on outside and provides a better sense of connection to your surroundings.

Improved Curb Appeal

A poorly designed window can be a huge eyesore for both the homeowner and the passerby. They are also one of the first things potential buyers notice when looking at a home for sale. European tilt-and-turn windows are the perfect solution to this problem because they offer a sleek, modern appearance that is sure to add value to your home.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your home's windows can make a world of difference when it comes to staying comfortable year-round and saving on your energy bills. If you are considering installing new windows but are unsure which style would be best, look no further than European windows from WASCO Windows. These windows can help keep your home comfortably cool or warm, no matter what time of year it is.

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