Can You Replace Your Own Windows? Insights from a Windows Company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Can You Replace Your Own Windows? Insights from a Windows Company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Are you ready to make an upgrade that will dramatically improve the aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency of your home? If so, then you should think about installing new windows.

If you decide to install new windows, one of the next decisions you will have to make is whether to replace your windows yourself or hire a professional window installation company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to handle the task. This is not a decision you’ll want to take lightly. After all, a poor installation can have a serious impact on the performance and aesthetic of your replacement windows. Our window replacement experts are going to discuss everything you’ll need to know to decide.

Can You Do It Yourself?

It is entirely possible to replace your old windows if you are naturally handy, have experience with similar home improvement projects and have the time to do the job right.

However, keep in mind that DIY window replacement can be a challenging, drawn-out project — especially if you are replacing multiple windows on multiple floors. Whereas a professional window installer in Oshkosh, Wisconsin may be able to finish the job in a day or two, you should account for extra time spent “under construction.”

Aside from the convenience of having an expert do the job, you will also forego the possibility of a warranty if you decide to take the DIY route. The “you break it, you own it” rule also applies, so if a window falls or cracks during the process, you will almost certainly have to pay for a replacement. 

If you do decide to install your new windows yourself, you should realistically estimate the time it will take and have all your tools, hardware, and other items ready before you begin.

Hire a Professional Window Installer

Hiring a professional window installer in Oshkosh, Wisconsin has three major advantages:

  • You will not have to invest the time and effort to do the hard work yourself
  • Careful hiring can ensure correct replacement
  • There may be a written warranty in place if the job is subpar or faulty

As with any major home improvement project, you should conduct extensive research before hiring a professional in window installation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Seek referrals from friends and family, and do not forget to check on sites like Yelp and Google for customer ratings. Once you have shortlisted three to five installers, ask them all the same questions.

Questions may include:

Do you charge for an estimate? If there is a fee for the estimate, it is not a deal-breaker, but you should factor it into your budget. Keep in mind, though, that most window replacement experts provide free estimates. Make sure you get your price estimate in writing.

How long have you been in business? While hiring new installers is not necessarily a bad idea, a long track record (at least ten years) indicates the installer has great experience.

Are you certified? Most window replacement experts in Oshkosh, Wisconsin must undergo specialized training or have a unique set of credentials to obtain certification. A certificate virtually guarantees that they have the necessary experience and expertise to work with your brand of replacement windows.

Looking for a Professional Windows Company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin?

Are you looking for high-quality replacement windows? Are you looking to have them installed by the premier windows company in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area? If so, WASCO Windows is the company to call. If you would like to learn about the various types of windows we manufacture and install, or if you’re ready to schedule a free consultation, contact us today at (414) 461-9900.

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