Why Choose Vinyl Double Hung Windows for Your Home? Insights from a New Windows Company in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Why Choose Vinyl Double Hung Windows for Your Home? Insights from a New Windows Company in New Berlin, Wisconsin

You may not immediately recognize the term “double hung,” but you surely know what double hung windows are.

Premium double hung slider windows are becoming increasingly more popular among homeowners in New Berlin, Wisconsin. “Double hung” refers to a window design that is split horizontally into two halves — the upper sash and the lower sash. Each sash has its own glass pane and slides up or down in a groove, either in front of or behind the other. Every double hung window is held open with the use of counterweights, springs, or friction.

Wood-framed double hung windows have been around for centuries, and they can look just as good in a modern or traditional New Berlin, Wisconsin home. However, premium vinyl double hung slider windows are a relatively recent innovation.

Why Choose Vinyl Double Hung Windows?

If you are trying to find premium new windows in New Berlin, Wisconsin, you may want to consider vinyl double hung windows. These windows can offer rather significant benefits compared to their traditional wood counterparts. Here are a few of those:

  • Vinyl double hung windows are typically a lot more affordable to buy upfront than those with wood frames.
  • Vinyl double hung windows are easier — and much more affordable — to maintain. This is because they usually require only occasional cleaning rather than regular painting or wood treatments.
  • Vinyl frames often provide better insulation than some other alternatives.
  • Vinyl double hung windows are available in a variety of styles and colors. This allows you to find the window that best matches the look of your home.

With advantages such as low cost, minimal care and maintenance, more functionality, and a multitude of design configurations, it just makes more sense to choose vinyl double hung windows over traditional wood double hung windows.

More Choices to Make

If you decide to buy new premium double hung slider windows for your home in New Berlin, Wisconsin, your local window supplier will be able to show you some excellent options. Each option will add to the standard price of the windows, so choose the ones that fit your needs and budget:

  • Night latches: These allow you to open your windows partially at night so you can let in the fresh air in your bedroom while you sleep. However, make sure your local window supplier guarantees acceptable levels of intruder protection by offering security locks and sash locks.
  • Muntins: These are strips of wood or metal that divide small glass panes within each half of the sash window, essentially breaking up the window design into several different segments. Muntins can add authenticity to a home — Victorian, Cape Cod, or Colonial are some popular options.
  • Insulating glass: By insulating the glass, you can potentially save some serious money on your central air and/or heating bills over time. But don’t expect an immediate return on your investment.
  • Easy-clean mountings: double hung windows can be made to tip out or swivel inwards, which makes cleaning them from the inside very easy.

Looking for New Premium Double Hung Windows for Your Home in New Berlin, Wisconsin?

At WASCO Windows, we provide new premium windows — such as the WASCO System 700 Double Hung and System 700 Slider. Our window design provides long-lasting and trouble-free elegance for all kinds of residential window replacement applications. The WASCO System 700 Double Hung and System 700 Slider is available in white or beige PVC. It can be laminated with a solid color or woodgrain foils.

Contact us at (414) 461-9900 to speak with one of our representatives today!

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