Six Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows: Insights from a New Windows Contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Six Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows: Insights from a New Windows Contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday morning, you go to open your window to get some fresh air, and then it happens: your window is stuck and can’t be opened. Or maybe, you want to open a window to enjoy the breeze, but the blaring outside noises keeps you from doing that. Regardless of the reason, if you are having issues with your windows, there is a solution — you can have them replaced.

Do you need help deciding whether a window replacement project is right for your home? To help you decide, this new windows contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin is going to review the top six reasons to consider a replacement.

1. Aging

If your windows are more than 15 years old, and if you can see visible signs of damage or skyrocketing energy costs, it’s time to consider a replacement. Many windows simply need to be replaced because they are wearing down with time — these are often single-pane windows that lack insulation and privacy features. If you are ready to invest in modern windows that look great, prevent air transfer, and keep you safe, it’s time to get in touch with a reputable new windows contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

2. Energy Efficiency

One of the major reasons Stevens Point homeowners replace old widows is to increase energy efficiency. Installing new energy efficient windows makes for a popular choice. It improves indoor air quality, significantly reduces air leakages, and eventually helps you save on ever-increasing energy costs.

3. Style

New windows give your home an updated look. You won’t believe the results until your old windows are replaced. If you’re someone who loves to refresh your house every few years, installing new windows is a home improvement project you may want to consider. Not only do modern windows look good, but they also add value to your home and increase its curb appeal.

4. Defects

If you notice certain defects — such as wear and tear, leaking windows, cracks, severe discoloration, condensation, etc. — it may be time to make a change. You might be able to fix your windows, but in many cases, the repairs can be time consuming and expensive. You can always speak to an expert new windows contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin to determine the best option for your situation.

5. Noise-Proofing

This is another important feature many homeowners consider when deciding whether or not to get new windows. If your windows don’t offer sufficient protection from the blaring outside noises, you may want to install heavy-duty windows to do the job. Your new windows contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin may suggest going with double- or triple-pane windows, as these can absorb outside sound to a great extent and keep the ambiance comfortable.

6. Safety

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a window that doesn’t lock anymore, or the locking mechanism may be wearing down. In such a case, it is always better to get the lock repaired. If that isn’t a possible solution, you might need a complete window replacement for the safety of you and your loved ones. Getting new windows installed will help ensure everyone’s safety.

Are You Looking for a New Windows Contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin?

As you can tell, there are several benefits to installing new windows — including improved energy efficiency, an aesthetic boost, and a more comfortable indoor environment. Are you ready to make a change? If so, and if you’re looking for the best new windows contractor in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, look no further than the team at WASCO Windows. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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