How to Insulate Your Old Windows: Tips from a New Windows Company in Yorkville, Wisconsin

How to Insulate Your Old Windows: Tips from a New Windows Company in Yorkville, Wisconsin

Have you noticed drafts entering through doors and windows in your Yorkville home? If so, it’s possible that there may be cracks, broken seals, or poor insulation surrounding your HVAC system. However, if you have old, worn-out windows in your home, they are most likely the reason for these drafts you’re noticing.

As the top-rated new windows company in Yorkville, Wisconsin, we see this happen all the time with old windows. If you consistently feel drafts in your home, or if you have a problem maintaining a suitable indoor temperature, it may be time to make a change. We are going to discuss your options below.

Insulating Old Windows

If you are handy around the house, you might want to try some DIY attempts before contacting a new windows company in Yorkville, Wisconsin. With the following tips, you can certainly make your old windows a lot more efficient and eliminate the need for a replacement:

Window inserts

Window inserts are one of the best and most affordable options to improve the insulation of your windows. These fit over existing windows and create a tight seal around the frame to eliminate drafts and improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

Caulk around the windows

Another alternative is to caulk around the windows carefully. Make sure you only caulk gaps, cracks, or joints that are smaller than a ¼”. You can also caulk between the trim and wall, and the exterior parameter. If done correctly, caulking can last you a few years without any problems. 

Shrink-to-fit plastic

Shrink-to-fit plastic is also a practical choice to provide an airtight seal, and it remains virtually unnoticeable. The plastic may seem tacky for some people, but once it is in place, it can prevent air leaks and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. 


One of the go-to and most cost-effective methods is to use weatherstripping. If you have poor weatherstripping, you simply let your indoor comfort sneak out of your home. So, it is essential to shop around for suitable materials to maximize efficiency and fit your budget.

Remember, these are only temporary fixes to insulate your home’s windows. If the tips provided above do not work, then it may be time to contact a new windows company in Yorkville, Wisconsin. They can help you browse through your options and choose the best windows for your home. After you install new windows, you will notice immediate savings on your energy bill each month.

Replace Your Old Windows

If energy efficiency and indoor comfort are your priorities, and if you do not want to attempt the DIY tips listed above, you can always get in touch with a new windows company in Yorkville, Wisconsin to discuss your options. Installing new windows can open-up a world of possibilities. Not only do they look good, but modern and updated features offer the convenience you are looking for. When you invest in energy-efficient windows, you will be glad you did. You will notice a drastic change in your indoor comfort levels, as well as your energy bills.

Looking for a New Windows Company in Yorkville, Wisconsin?

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