Should You Install New Windows First When Remodeling Your Home? Insights from a New Windows Company in Appleton, Wisconsin

Should You Install New Windows First When Remodeling Your Home? Insights from a New Windows Company in Appleton, Wisconsin

A home remodeling project is a big commitment, and there are often a lot of moving parts. But because most homeowners have a limited budget to work with, there are some tough choices and compromises that will need to be made. Your windows are one area where you do not want to compromise on quality. In fact, many experienced remodeling contractors recommend replacing the windows and doors first, as these are some of the most important features of a home.

Replacement windows not only make a home more appealing, but they add to its overall value. Not to mention, they help with noise pollution and energy efficiency. This new windows company in Appleton, Wisconsin is going to explain why it’s important to set aside enough of your budget to make sure you get the right windows during a remodeling project.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows Early On?

Stylistic Reasons

Home remodeling is certainly an exciting process, but it can also be a daunting one. We understand that you may be looking to incorporate elements that showcase your personality and style when planning the remodel. However, as we mentioned above, replacing the windows should come first before any other changes are made. There are two important reasons for this: to protect the indoors from the external elements, and to set the proper framework.

Windows are a practical part of both the structural and design aspects of a house. It’s important to tackle the structural elements prior to any cosmetic modifications. It’s also important to consider the fact that your windows can impact your other style choices. For example, awning windows offer more of a minimalistic aesthetic, while double-hung windows might look a bit more classic. As such, quite a few design decisions might depend on the type of windows you have.

You can always correct the wrong paint color or a faulty electrical system, but as any window company in Appleton, Wisconsin will tell you, it’s not nearly as easy to go back and choose a different style of window after they’ve been installed.

Structural Reasons

It’s recommended that new windows be installed prior to any other construction that might take place so that the structure of your home is not thrown out of balance. If you install new windows and doors after making major construction renovations, it could potentially cause certain areas of your home to shift. As you can probably imagine, this is a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming problem to have to fix. With that said, we strongly recommend partnering with an experienced new windows company in Appleton, Wisconsin early in the remodeling process to avoid this issue.

Are You Looking for a New Windows Company in Appleton, Wisconsin?

As so many homeowners who have gone through the home remodeling process in the past will tell you, new windows are well worth the investment. There are all types of options today that are energy efficient, have an innovative design, and are exceedingly durable.

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