What Are the Benefits of European Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Racine, Wisconsin

What Are the Benefits of European Windows? Insights from a European Windows Company in Racine, Wisconsin

In the Racine, Wisconsin area — and all throughout the United States, for that matter — European windows have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional North American and casement windows that have been around for decades, there is no denying that European windows are all the rage now. They are a fantastic option for homeowners who are looking for a modern, practical, and high-end window replacement.

Are you interested in learning more about them? This European windows company in Racine, Wisconsin is going to review the main benefits of these windows below.

Why Should You Consider European Windows?

European windows make for a great replacement window option, as they eliminate several problems that are common with casement windows and sliding windows. When you purchase new windows through a reputable European windows company in Racine, Wisconsin, you will enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency, higher performance, good security, improved ventilation, and overall better functionality.

Top-Class Engineering

High-quality European windows bring a fresh and innovative approach to home improvement projects. These carry a robust and premium design, which many people consider to be superior to North American windows. When installed professionally and sourced from a reputable European windows company in Racine, Wisconsin, these windows can prove to be a valuable investment. These are engineered to last for more than a few decades without compromising safety, visual appeal, and usability. In other words, European windows can transform your home and create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.


Also called the tilt and turn windows, European windows have robust hardware, an innovative design, and an excellent multi-locking mechanism. These are a top choice for many homeowners looking to add functionality to their space while remaining sustainable. It also offers a three-in-one use:

  • Open inwards like a door or casement windows
  • Stay shut (fixed) offering unobstructed outdoor views
  • Open from the top, keeping the bottom hinged and stationary

Aesthetics, Safety, and Cost

With tilt and turn windows, many homeowners feel that the flexibility and customization you get make them well worth the investment. These windows may be more expensive compared to other varieties available in the market. However, the convenience you get outlasts the upfront cost. These windows are virtually maintenance-free. With their ability to tilt, cleaning them is easy on both the inside and outside. These also help reduce the noise levels, especially if you are in a loud neighborhood and are looking to somewhat noise-proof your space. Plus, if you want to add that much-needed style and personal touch to your home, European windows can be a great choice.

Energy Efficiency

As any European windows supplier in Racine will tell you, energy efficiency is another significant benefit. In fact, European windows are tested for excellence and energy savings. Argon-filled, thermally efficient, triple-paned European windows provide excellent value for the price. These significantly stand the test of time and help maintain indoor comfort levels. You should be able to save on your energy bills in the long term, which essentially could cover the upfront window expenses.

Are You Looking for a European Windows Company in Racine, Wisconsin?

Are you thinking about installing European windows in your home? If so, and if you’re looking for the top-rated European windows company in Racine, Wisconsin, WASCO windows is the company to call. Nearly all homeowners that switch to European windows love them for their energy efficiency, usability, and unique style, among other features. Ready to get started? Contact us today at (414)461-9900 to learn more.

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    I find it helpful to know that European windows are thermally efficient, long-lasting, and can save you money in the long run. My wife wants to install this kind of window in the new house we’re having built. I wasn’t convinced at first, but European windows may indeed be a wise investment after reading your article. Thanks for this.