Can You Install New European Windows by Yourself? Insights from a New European Windows Company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Can You Install New European Windows by Yourself? Insights from a New European Windows Company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

European windows — also known as tilt and turn windows — are one of the industry's best-kept secrets. While they have been around for decades, they have quickly gained popularity in the United States in recent years. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, you can’t go wrong with these high-quality windows. Below, this European windows company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about installing these types of windows.

What are European Windows?

European windows have a unique hinge mechanism that allows them to be opened in two ways. They can either be opened and closed like a door or tilted open. Because of this functionality, they are incredibly practical and versatile. European windows are also popular for their durability and the high security they offer, making them an ideal addition to any Menomonee Falls home.

Why Should You Buy European Windows?

There are several advantages to installing European windows in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. These windows are increasing in popularity not only because of their elegant design, but also because of their great usability. Here are just a few of the many qualities of European windows that make them so amazing.

  • Versatility
  • Energy efficiency
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Security
  • Low maintenance
  • Add value to the home

Should You Tackle Window Replacement on Your Own?

Every year, many homeowners try to tackle home repairs and renovations without the help of a professional. Unfortunately, unforeseen challenges and injuries caused by a lack of knowledge and basic safety precautions often cause these projects to be halted.

While replacing your old windows with brand new European windows may sound easy, there may be dangers hiding behind your walls, frames, and the windows themselves. When replacing windows, the glass panes can break, and you may end up injuring yourself. Even if it does not break, cracked glass can indicate a faulty window treatment or frame, requiring the purchase of a new window unit. There are also risks using ladders when working at heights and power lines near the window frames.

The environment also poses potentially dangerous and unusual risks when replacing windows. For example, bugs may have found a way to lodge near or in the window through tiny openings that went undiscovered. Or a leakage problem may have led to mold growth, which can exacerbate pre-existing health problems such as asthma.

The other risk factor of a DIY window replacement project gone wrong is that you risk causing significant damage to the home's walls and even load-bearing areas. Improperly installed windows might also hurt the energy efficiency of your Menomonee Falls home.

Final Thoughts

We understand that completing a DIY project that brightens up your home and makes it a more comfortable place to live gives you a sense of accomplishment. However, a botched DIY project can be an endless source of problems. Ultimately, professional window replacement is definitely worth the expense. Considering that windows can recoup approximately 75% of their cost by improving the home's curb appeal, livability, and market value, the risk of a DIY window replacement is simply not worth it.

Looking for the Most Trusted New European Windows Company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin?

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