Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Doors by Upgrading to European Doors: Insights from a New European Exterior Door Sales and Installation Company in Wind Point, Wisconsin

Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Doors by Upgrading to European Doors: Insights from a New European Exterior Door Sales and Installation Company in Wind Point, Wisconsin

The purpose of a door is to offer safety and privacy — and of course, to give off a good first impression. But they should provide ambient noise protection, block exterior elements from entering your property, and support proper ventilation.  If your old, traditional door isn’t functioning as it’s supposed to, now may be the perfect time to search for a replacement. Are you ready to replace your existing door by installing a new high-quality European door in Wind Point, Wisconsin? We’re going to explain everything you’ll need to know to help you make the best choice.

New European Doors vs. American Style Doors

New European doors offer the best of both worlds. They are aesthetically pleasing, while also ensuring security and durability. They embody a design that is unmatched by their American counterparts or other standard models. These also differ in their construction principles compared to American styles. European doors are paired with high quality German hardware and are designed for durability. The doors should require minimal maintenance on your end.

Like European windows, European doors offer more function. Not only do they swing open and close, but they offer a tilting mechanism. Tilting offers additional benefits to swing-open doors. For one, they provide excellent ventilation in your home. And two, you can enjoy a better airflow without having to open the door fully or fear any uninvited intruders. American doors are functional and provide the basic needs of a door. However, European doors are thicker, more secure, and offer several additional features that make them the best choice.


Whether you’re looking to brighten up and complement your unique interiors or wish to stick with classic designs, European doors can cater to most of your needs. The doors come with an extensive variation in color, design, style, form, and shape. You can pick from a variety of options to suit your Wind Point, Wisconsin home’s style, budget, and theme.


Besides their appealing looks, European doors in Wind Point, Wisconsin, homes also function well. These are known for much more than their visual appeal. Superior European doors deliver excellent insulation, noise protection, and safety features while also visually enlarging your space. These are a great choice as entry doors, front doors, side doors, or for bedrooms.

Reasonable Pricing

European doors are not only aesthetically satisfying, but they can also be budget friendly. You can cater to your architectural needs without heavily investing in other components that fall outside your resources. With European doors, you can find what you need at affordable prices and with attractive designs.


Exterior doors today serve multiple purposes and aren’t only a decorative element of your property. European doors are high quality, more durable, and functional. These doors have earned a reputation for being top quality and reliable, and these are also resistant to some of the most common issues like deterioration, shrinkage, warping, etc.

Are You Looking to Install New European Exterior Doors at Your Home in Wind Point, Wisconsin?

WASCO Window offers a wide variety of new European exterior doors for homeowners in Wind Point, Wisconsin. Each of our models maintains a distinctive individuality and offers superior quality. We can help you choose styles that complement your property’s unique style and enhance its overall appearance. We guarantee you’ll be able to find an option that matches your home’s design.

If you have any questions about new European exterior doors and windows, or would like to request a free quote, contact us today at (414) 461-9900. One of our WASCO Windows experts will be happy to discuss your project.

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